Monday, May 18, 2015

One Year Anniversary of Balkan Floods

With the one year anniversary of the tragic floods which struck the Balkans upon us, 28. Jun would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members, volunteers, donors and partners who assisted in our massive humanitarian effort. Likewise, we'd also like to express our condolences to the families of all those who lost their lives during the unprecedented natural disaster and ensure our continued support.

In the spirit of accountability and transparency which has defined our organization since our formation we drafted a follow up report on how our aid was distributed, utilized and how those effected are coping today. Additionally, we conducted a thorough evaluation of our response and found that of the Serbian organizations involved with the relief effort, 28. Jun delivered the largest amount of aid in both weight and monetary value.

• In total we delivered over 250,000 lbs of urgent humanitarian relief to the region from North America and Europe. LINK

• The first shipments of aid were delivered by our teams in Central Europe and the UK within one week of the floods. LINK

• The first shipment from North America was airlifted from Toronto to Belgrade one month after the floods. LINK

• The final phase was six shipments delivered via ship and one shipment delivered via truck between July and November 2014. LINK

• Our partners and consignees in the region were the Red Cross, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian and Republika Srspka governments. LINK

• 28. Jun members oversaw the entire process of the project from collecting the aid abroad to literally delivering it to the hands of those in need. LINK

The flood relief effort was both immensely challenging and genuinely rewarding and helped us grow as an organization and as individuals by seeing first hand how vital our assistance was to the devastated municipalities. The positive results have helped us overcome the fatigue from the lengthy and exhausting project and we are committed in our mission to continue to support the neglected communities in the Western Balkans.

Current 28. Jun Project: Passport to Education

28. Jun President Reflection on 2014 Balkan Floods

Saturday, May 9, 2015

28. Jun & Harvard Club of Serbia Partner to Promote Education

Toronto, ON, May 11, 2015 – The multinational humanitarian organization, 28.Jun, today announced a partnership with the Harvard Club of Serbia to award scholarships to exemplary students as part of their 'Passport to Education' project. The wider scope of the initiative aims to promote and augment educational programs among disadvantaged communities in Kosovo and Croatia. In addition to the scholarships, plans are in place to deliver computers, schools supplies, tutorship programs and other support structures to the young people of these communities.

28. Jun has experience in leading multistakeholder projects, having recently collaborated with the Red Cross and the UN to assist the people of the Western Balkans. During last year's Southeast Europe floods they delivered over 250,000 lbs of urgent humanitarian relief to the region, including the airlift of 30,000 lbs of aid directly into Belgrade from Toronto.  The next few months will see the organization hold several fundraising events across the world in support of the project. 28. Jun President, Filip Filipi, described public support as "paramount" and encouraged all those interested in helping to visit for more details.

About 28. Jun

28. Jun is a youth-based multinational diaspora organization engaged in humanitarian, social and philanthropic functions. Founded in 2011 and registered as a Canadian Not-for-profit in 2012, to date it has delivered 338,000 lbs of humanitarian, medical and disaster relief aid worth over $4.4 mil to the Western Balkans. 28. Jun prides itself on its efficient management of resources with 92% of donations channeled directly into programs which include the acquisition, transportation and documentation of aid. For every $1 donated to 28. Jun, the organization has delivered $28 worth of humanitarian aid to underprivileged communities ad their local institutions.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Srećan Uskrs! 28. Jun Begins New Education Project

28. Jun is pleased to announce we are kicking off our first humanitarian project of 2015 'Passport to Education'. The initiative will focus on delivering computers and school supplies to needy Serbian communities in Kosovo and Krajina in addition to awarding scholarships to exemplary students.

Our members will organize fundraising events around the world to realize these objectives. If you're interested in getting involved or would like to find out more about our previous humanitarian deliveries to the Western Balkans please visit or email

 28. Јун са задовољством објављује да покреће свој први хуманитарни пројекат у 2015. години "Пасош за образовање". Иницијатива ће се фокусирати на пружање компјутера и школског прибора за сиромашне српске заједнице на Косову и Крајини, уз стипендирање примерних студената.

Наши чланови ће организовати догађаје за прикупљање средстава за реализацију ових циљева широм света. Ако сте заинтересовани за учествовање или желите сазнати више о нашим претходним хуманитарним испорукама на Западни Балкан, посетите или е-mail

Sunday, February 8, 2015

28. Jun takes over Australia

28. Jun Australia members ran very successful booths at the Serbian Festival in Sydney and at Sv. Sava near Melbourne! If you want to get involved contact

Thursday, February 5, 2015

28. Jun Presentation at UN's World Humanitarian Summit

In the culmination of our 3 years of humanitarian work 28. Jun was invited to present at the UN's World Humanitarian Summit consultation for Europe in Budapest this week. The presentation which can be seen HERE highlighted our innovative approach, the obstacles we faced and the realization of delivering 338,000 lbs of humanitarian, medical and disaster relief aid worth over $4.4 mil to the Western Balkans. We plan to build on our results and complete another project to deliver aid to the Serbian communities in Kosovo and Croatia by the summer. To find out more or get involved email

Friday, January 16, 2015

Projekat "Srce nade" završen dostavom pomoći sirotištima

Nakon uspešnih dostava pomoći Srpskoj Pravoslavnoj Crkvi u Crnoj Gori i sirotištima u Beogradu 28.Jun sa ponosom objavljuje završetak projekta "Srce nade". Kontejner sa himanitarnom pomoći dug preko 6 metara stigao je iz Kanade u Podgoricu prošle nedelje gde su ga preuzeli članovi Srpske Pravoslavne Crkve. Pomoć će biti distribuirana širom zemlje ljudima kojima je to najpotrebnije. Drugu pošiljku, kamion pun božićnih poklona iz Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva, su distribuirali naši partneri GivingBack sledećim sirotištima: Dom Dragutin Filipović, Zavod za zaštitu i vaspitanje dece i Svratište (centar za integraciju mladih).

Želimo da zahvalimo našim partnerima i pristalicama koji su nam pomogli da uspešno ostvarimo ovaj projekat. U 2014.godini naša organizacija je pritisnuta do krajnjih granica imajući u vidu da smo morali da dostabvimo 13 kontejnera ukupne težine od 200 tona za postradale u poplavama na Balkanu. Želimo da nastavimo rad ovim tempom i u 2015.godini. 28.Jun će se sada usmeriti na pomaganje srpskim zajednicama na Kosovu i u Krajini, kojima smo poslednju pomoć poslali 2012.godine(Kosovo) i 2013.godine(Krajina). Svi koji se odluče da doniraju na našem zvaničnom sajtu ( će na poklon na kućnu adresu dobiti narukvicu 28.Juna, počev od sada pa do 1.februara

28. Jun is proud to announce the conclusion of the 'Heart of Hope' project with successful deliveries to the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro and to orphanages in Belgrade. The 20' humanitarian container from Canada reached Podgorica last week where it was received by the Serbian Orthodox Church. The aid will be distributed to people in need all over the country. The second delivery, a truck filled with Christmas gifts from the UK, was distributed by our partners GivingBack to the following 3 orphanages in Serbia: Dom Dragutin Filipovic, Zavod za zastitu i vaspitanje dece, and Svratiste (centar za integraciju mladih).

We want to thank all our partners and supporters for helping make this project a success. In 2014 our organization was pushed to the limit as we had to deliver 13 containers weighting a combined 200 tons for the Balkan Floods. We want to continue this pace in 2015 and 28. Jun will now direct our focus on assisting Serbian communities in Kosovo and Krajina, who we last sent aid to in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Everyone who donates on our official site ( from now until February 1st will receive a 28. Jun wrist band in the mail.